February 6, 2019


You get me. You just do and always have. For 18 years I've had the good fortune of being your mother and learning from your calm, understanding and wisdom. This mix of excitement and bitter-sweetness seems to find me every year on your birthday, but this year feels different. Is it your newly designated adulthood? Or maybe it's because I'm already missing you, or missing what was. 

At this moment, nothing is certain and the coming months will bring many changes for you and for our family. I'm counting on you to manage it well and light the way - thoughtfully, and with a sense of ease. While there have been ups and downs throughout your early years, you have always believed that things will get better. And they do. You make it so. 

Jonah, you shimmer with possibility. As for me, I just like to stand by and capture a bit of your glow. Wishing you happiness today and every day. I love you.

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