April 22, 2010

Pretty as a Pickle

I have a deep love of all things green. I even find drab pickles appealing. While nothing is as simple as it appears I can appreciate that sometimes a blossom is just a blossom and a pickle was once a cucumber. It's all quite stirring.

Happy 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.

April 14, 2010

In Vein

Tension. We carry it in our bodies. It is when someone grabs my hand that I realize I am holding tension there. I was surprised to see my hand looking so strained in this image.

I visited my acupuncturist in an attempt to calm my butterflies and take care. The bruise is from a needle that hit a small vessel beneath my skin. It doesn't hurt and I do feel better.

We all carry things we keep hidden. We suppress and restrain while aware they are lurking. They don't fade.  Eventually, our needs surface. We have to take our lives into our own impassioned hands.

April 7, 2010

iTouch myself

We were away last week over the Spring break, but not really. I found myself obsessed with borrowing my son's iTouch. I genuinely looked forward to this long overdue family vacation. Yet, as we walked the well-traveled streets of Washington, DC I couldn't help but keep my eyes open for free Wi-Fi. I was crazed. In hindsight, nothing big happened that couldn't wait for my attention but I had to keep checking just in case of an email emergency. You never know, I could be needed!

Now, back at home I am grateful that my son has removed my email accounts from his "iThing." I have no desire to be continually connected although the ease and lure is overwhelmingly remote. That said, feel free to reach out and touch me. Oops! Text me.