May 25, 2010

Morning After

He wanted to go to a neighbor's house to watch TV, but it was a school night and he was showered and in pajamas. I made him stay home. So he went out to our backyard to teach his younger brother how to pitch a hardball.

Moments later we were at a pediatric after hours clinic. I became an expert on eye trauma and the orbital bone surrounding the area. Thankfully, there was no major damage. The bloody hemorrhage will clear. He was a good sport.

The learning curve is steep for parents. We continually make choices on our children's behalf. I try to give my boys space to grow, yet sometimes I feel like their warden. On this particular evening I wanted a do-over.

May 16, 2010

Be Ok

I was inspired to combine some images after seeing a triptych made recently by my friend, photographer Jonathan Elderfield. It's posted here, on his photo blog. I liked that he included himself in the mix and the magical quality of his images. I tend to read images like a sentence when they are combined horizontally. My question when pairing or tripling them up - -  is the sum greater than the parts? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

The pictures in my diptych were made last week, a few minutes apart. I had my camera out to mark the day and find my place in it. The afternoon light fell hard. In its shadow I was vulnerable, ambivalent. By combining these images I reframed my memory of the day and have a shifted perception. I wanted to to be okay in that moment. Looking back, I realize that I was.

May 7, 2010

A Stranger Fear

I greatly admire street photographers, their courage and drive and spontaneous images. How I would love to be one - - but I am afraid do not have what it takes.

I can't bring myself to photograph strangers, candidly. I need to request permission of a subject, especially if I hope to use the image online. Most people are unwilling to be photographed and are not flattered. Paranoia.

At a local carnival I photographed a teenager. He wasn't pleased and asked me to delete the image. I politely refused. He told me that taking his picture was illegal. I reminded him that he was in public. This type of exchange always rattles me. I end up questioning my motives and then returning to quieter subjects that don't talk back, like potted plants.

I ate lunch at a waterfront park. After photographing my leftover crusts of bread I wandered looking for something new. I met a young woman. She sunbathed. I made pictures. We talked. She told me about the tattoo on her lower back for Steve, her boyfriend of seven years whom she no longer sees. I appreciated how at ease she was in her own skin. She gave me permission to use the images on my blog. Truly an amazing soul. I had hope.

Like anyone capturing moments, I am a fear-driven stranger, with a camera.