February 26, 2010

Yellow/Gray Diptych

A long winter
visiting offices,
awaiting diagnoses
and staring
at faded posters.

spent sleepwalking
through gray, hazy
skies - - this one
no exception.

Hardened snow
falls from rooftops
in a cold crush.

Take notice

of fleeting sun
should it choose
to shine (sublimely)
upon you.

February 18, 2010

February 11, 2010

Discarded Things

What is it about discarded things that gets me? I imagine the life they had before being set out to the curb or piled in a dumpster. Who cuddled and then outgrew their stuffed animal? How many infants were consoled in that cradle? It does seem to me that these jettisoned objects radiate energy and stories - - all of which are mine to envision. I don't see trash, I see things that were once held dear.

These images were made using a Lomo LC-A+ with actual film, which feels old school and so right for me at this moment. Shooting film requires patience. It may take a week to shoot 36 frames and then, I have to wait an entire hour for CVS to develop (and mangle) my film.  I tend to forget what I photographed and enjoy visual surprises. This process works well for me. Patience is a dying virtue but I am bringing it back, slowly.

February 4, 2010

Game Face

January and February are celebratory months in our home. Both of my boys have birthdays, which I always find bittersweet. Why are the years passing by so fast?  It seems like just yesterday I was living every moment of 2001: A Baby Odyssey.

I was fortunate to share in another family's birthday celebration recently. A few weeks ago, I photographed my first Bar Mitzvah. I found the experience to be more personally emotional than I expected. Just at the point when the Bar Mitzvah boy was to be introduced into the main banquet room I became rather choked up. It was a big moment to witness - - watching this young man at the intersection of playful and determined.