February 14, 2012


This photograph was made last June, smack in the middle of a sunny day. A few hours before, our older son had left for this first summer at sleep-away camp. Our team was down by one player. We were idling in a quiet state of shock.

Already I'm mentally preparing for this summer, when both our boys will be away. I hope to be right here – cradled in a deep spoon. I'm placing my order now for an enduring embrace that will last seven weeks.

February 6, 2012


Boy. Despite best efforts to keep you small you're more than half-way to adulthood. You no longer fall for the "take care of mommy" trick to have you to hold my hand in parking lots. Middle school's around the corner, the thought of which makes me ache. You arrived eleven years ago today and the world became a little brighter.

You're a sports-crazed, candy-loving, upbeat, guitar player. Although you're on the run in perpetual motion, I know just where to find you. Open hearted, beneath a golden mop. Happy Birthday, sweet guy.