December 3, 2011


Everybody's doing it. I'm guilty, too. The offense is constant connection. There's barely a moment when we aren't preoccupied by a digital device. The phone. The computer. The camera. Repeat. I'm struggling to be present – no matter the locale.

Time to recharge. Must find power source now!

It's no wonder my children are doing the same. Despite concern about the future of human relations I'm still here wanting you to know me. I'm staring into a screen, aglow. Alone.


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  2. Cheryl Kaufman said...

    Andita, I got an iphone on Sat. and my biggest concern was just what you describe. Already I feel it, and I have been with so many friends who are tuned out during our time together, tuned to a screen aglow. I'm going to have to set limits. Email at my fingertips is a time suck. It's an incredible phone/toy, how bout a little face time soon, ha ha!

    love love the image! XO


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