April 15, 2011

Auto Focus

Most days I have no idea what I am doing from minute to minute. I'm packing lunch bags, I stop to sort mail but not read it because I'm detangling my son's hair, which reminds me I've yet to send that invoice. Then I'm out the door heading to the next fill-in-the-blank. I can't concentrate.

Late one afternoon I made this image while on the phone with a friend. We were discussing the over-abundance of photography related information available. Take the feed on my Twitter page; I click on link after link, going nowhere. Follow and be followed, maybe.

While talking, I pass though my bathroom. Light spills into the shower. I stand in the tub, phone to my ear, camera to my eye. Focus. The room feels airless, the instant is suspended. I hang up. Onto more worldly matters.

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