March 25, 2011


Turns out that the Ladyfinger is a complicated cookie. In order to do the job right you will need more flour than most sponge cakes and the yolks and whites have to be handled separately. A mixer, sifter, parchment paper, pencil and ruler are also important. If the Ladyfingers cool too fast they will stick to the parchment paper and even worse, will stale quickly unless soaked in liquid. So are they worth the effort? I don't know. Ask the Tiramisu.

Actual fingers are more interesting than baked goods and I look closely at the hands I encounter. Hands seem to carry their own personal narrative, their stories can't be concealed with a little powder and blush. A disembodied hand caught my eye recently as I flashed back to my youth spent watching The Addams Family on T.V.  Perhaps it's just a Bling Thing.

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