February 6, 2011

Perfectly Ten

I celebrate you every day my sweet boy, but this day is different. Today begins a new decade.  This is just a snapshot of who you are at this moment.

While you have always been an old soul, your understanding reaches far beyond your years and mine.  You are thoughtful and ask the most insightful questions.  I'm in awe of your determination and wonder how you became so brave.  You are proud to have amassed more than 1000 baseball cards!  You are relentless in pursuit of what you want - - often more baseball cards.

I love hearing you play my favorite U2 songs on guitar.  Is it just me, or are you always in motion?  Although sometimes you are hurried, I thank you for being patient with me as I continue to learn how to be your parent. 

My whole being adores your every freckle and the mop of hair that hides your green eyes.  But more than that, I treasure the beauty inside your heart.

May you know happiness and continue to shine, my sweet boy.  I wish you a lifetime of double-digit birthdays. 

So tighten your belt and throw your hands up.  Feel the hard wind against your face and scream with joy.  If your first decade is any indication, the next ten years are sure to be a wild ride.

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