June 20, 2010

My Men

Calendar holidays.  I search the card store to find my feelings expressed in someone else's words.  I prefer that we honor one another on more than one prescribed day.  But in the spirit of Father's Day I am taking notice of the outstanding men that uplift and challenge me.  I am surrounded.

Some wish to outgrow car seats.  Others are concerned about retirement savings.  Many are navigating in between.  The right words come easily to them.  They are present.  One still calls me "mama."  They are artists - energetic and generous.  I am in awe of them.  My men look me in the eye.

I am everything with them.


  1. my men engulf me.

    lately i try not to take them 4 granted.

    they wear blue, like yours.

  2. Andi, your men are as delicous as you are! :)


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