May 16, 2010

Be Ok

I was inspired to combine some images after seeing a triptych made recently by my friend, photographer Jonathan Elderfield. It's posted here, on his photo blog. I liked that he included himself in the mix and the magical quality of his images. I tend to read images like a sentence when they are combined horizontally. My question when pairing or tripling them up - -  is the sum greater than the parts? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

The pictures in my diptych were made last week, a few minutes apart. I had my camera out to mark the day and find my place in it. The afternoon light fell hard. In its shadow I was vulnerable, ambivalent. By combining these images I reframed my memory of the day and have a shifted perception. I wanted to to be okay in that moment. Looking back, I realize that I was.

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  1. I love the loose narrative this creates--I've always been a fan of photographs being paired, where the parts make a greater whole, and these two go particularly well together.


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