February 11, 2010

Discarded Things

What is it about discarded things that gets me? I imagine the life they had before being set out to the curb or piled in a dumpster. Who cuddled and then outgrew their stuffed animal? How many infants were consoled in that cradle? It does seem to me that these jettisoned objects radiate energy and stories - - all of which are mine to envision. I don't see trash, I see things that were once held dear.

These images were made using a Lomo LC-A+ with actual film, which feels old school and so right for me at this moment. Shooting film requires patience. It may take a week to shoot 36 frames and then, I have to wait an entire hour for CVS to develop (and mangle) my film.  I tend to forget what I photographed and enjoy visual surprises. This process works well for me. Patience is a dying virtue but I am bringing it back, slowly.


  1. You bring beauty and compassion towards the discarded with your images and words. The cradle gets to me, I get attached to baby stuff. In Venice things put out in the street don't last long. Last week I was interested in a little bookshelf my neighbor set out, but as I was parking someone tossed it in their car and split.

  2. ...the cradle will fall...


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