January 14, 2010

Once in a Blue Moon

I made this photograph on January 1, 2010. The night before there was a "Blue Moon" in the sky, something that occurs every 2.5 years or so. This kind of moon is not actually blue, but is the second full moon to occur in a single calendar month. I was sorry to have missed it, perhaps it was the champagne that distracted me. As I was driving on the bleak New Year's Day, I spotted this mylar balloon caught in some branches. How is got there remains a mystery, but I was happy to see it. Kind of like finding my own blue moon right here, tangled up, on earth. 

This is the beginning of my work as a solo blogger. My first blogging experience was shared with my dear friend, the very talented writer, Carey Lifschultz. Our blog, Full Constant Light www.fullconstantlight.blogspot.com was a collaborative year-long project; the goal was to inspire one another to create new work through our posts. I think that we both learned a lot along the way. We worked hard, stressed a bit and challenged one another. After a year of working together we have decided to move ahead on our own. Carey is busy finishing up her book, and I am making the images that I need to see and feel. WonderLust will be a place for me to check in with you all and share what I have been up to. Please visit often. You can subscribe to my Google Group and receive new posts by email. And I promise to not bombard your inbox. Really, I am not that prolific! Your ongoing interest in my work means a great deal to me. Thank you for your support and your inspiration.


  1. I love this shot! and look forward to seeing new work.


  2. Wonderful images, lovely expression. This is going to be goood!


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